We are the fastest growing, most-secured and hassle-free shopping marketplace where selling products to millions is everybody’s achievement. Goshop Pakistan works only with invited sellers, making it convenient to sell products nationwide. Are you ready to sell your specialty? Join in!
    Goshop Pakistan filters out the uninvited, irrelevant and dubious sellers. As a reward – our sellers get to sell their products and services to a million of confident and willing buyers. With millions of customers on the turf, Goshop Pakistan enables vendors to be lucrative with each sale made and become renowned on the nationwide scale of Pakistan.
    Goshop Pakistan does not compromise on the quality of the platform it offers to the thousands of registered vendors online. We infuse our result-oriented knowledge to boost sales via our online tools. Save the hassle of cataloguing the web-friendly products. We’ll upload and optimize your product line with insights on how to boost sales.
    It is more fun when instant payments are made with no third-party involvement, right? Goshop Pakistan makes it twice as easier to register your brand as a verified vendor, sell products to millions and get paid directly, instantly. It’s a payment for per product sold which builds up the transaction flow, enhances marketplace credibility and expands vendor contentment.
    We provide “Vendor Location Address” for buyers to get in touch with their favorite vendors or walk to their nearest outlet with distance and timings mentioned on Goshop Pakistan marketplace. This positively affects the vendor sales and makes it easier to redeem products then and there. It also sheds light on vendor in-store inventory and selling products with live correspondence.


  • Go to the page Sell On Goshop create your store & signup/register your account as a vendor completely fill our seller forms.
  • After registration go to the “Setting” and set up correctly your store address and bank information and upload your store logo or banner image then click on “Shipping Tab” and manage your shipping method or delivery charges.
  • After done this you will contact us on our Vendor Support Number 03128891730 and give information about your products and category you work in.
  • Then admin will approve your account and you will be able to upload your products in your store & your store will go live and you may start selling. If there is anything we need to check for verification, our seller support team will contact you within 24 hours.


  • Each store should offer/upload a minimum of 5 product in your store.
  • Picture of uploaded product must have a white background.
  • Describe a detailed description of your product and input SKU code/Id of your products, through which you could easily access your products
  • The procedure to claim warranty of your product AND which city you can delivered your products should be clearly mentioned with in the description of your product and also select your shipping zone.
  • The delivery charges must be included with in the products if you give free shipping to your customer.
  • In order to further promote your product do share your store link on facebook, instragram, whatsapp and other social sites which should be provided.


We acknowledge that the way to upload products on an e-commerce marketplace has its technique when it comes to converting visitors into potential buyers for your products and services. Having this as the vision, we want sellers to follow an effective format of selling products at Goshop Pakistan with the high-quality images, precise product descriptions and genuine key-features. This “Product Content Policy” insists upon customer satisfaction in all dimensions.

  • NAMING PRODUCTS: Naming a product sounds so simple. However, it is not, even worse is when marketplaces do not work on tiniest details that bring forth bigger results. Here’s how products are named at Goshop Pakistan:
  1. The product name is confined to its own name and brand name. Do not use your information within it.
  2. Do not use special characters.
  3. Do not add “Retailer’s Information” in the product name or “Shipping Information” to prolong it.
  4. Do not add “Product Attributes” in the product name.
  5. Do not add exaggerated exclamations such as “Best-Selling”, “Top-Selling” and “Discounted” in the product name.
  • ADDING PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: While uploading product information, the production descriptions are highly looked at by the potential customers and need to be mentioned correctly. Use the following tips to add product descriptions here:
  1. Do not add special characters.
  2. Do not add sales slogans or marketing exaggerations in your product description.
  3. Do not add what is not confirmed about the product.
  4. Write your product descriptions with understandable metaphors for a perfect reader’s grasp.
  • UPLOADING PRODUCT IMAGES: The “Image Quality Standards” has become extra important to sell products on any given marketplace. While dealing with multiple products, we fail to manage the image quality standards that affect sales and delivers a series of bad impressions. Learn to capture your audience this way:
  1. Do not use dimly lit or casual product images
  2. Use professionally edited images (Studio Quality)
  3. Do not display accessories that are not included in the product.
  4. Do not use obscene or offensive images.
  5. Use white background for the product images.
  6. Use images that display the products with sufficient zoom, sharpness and on-screen setting.
  7. Do not use Watermarks on the images.


  • The product must be dispatched once the order id confirm from customer.Until the product is delivered the status of the order will be “In processing” which must be changed “completed” once the order is received by the customer and your payments will clear.
  • The product should not be dispatched until and unless the order is confirmed by the customer. In case the order is not confirmed, the status of the order will be kept as “in processing” After four days Goshop Team will directly communicate with the customer regarding the order.
  • If the order can not be delivered for some reason, it must be change status from “Processing” to “Cancelled”
  • Cancellation of 15 orders/month will result in your store closure temporary.
  • If any complain of misbehave come from a customer your account will close permanently.


  • We are launching a multitude of campaigns for you to choose from and participate! Take the opportunity to join any campaign so that you can increase your chance of gaining visibility on our website and double the increase in traffic on your store!
  • Registrations for the following campaigns open your “Store Manager” then edit your product which you want select for campaign & select “SALES TAGS” then save and exit.
  • Create your coupons store wide or single product directly from Seller Dashboard and increase your sales.


  • Our “Free Membership” Basic selling plan there are limits of uploading products no backup or no supports. Vendor will managed everything by themselves. Click here for more Details.
  • Our “Premium Membership” Featured selling plan is a pathway to unlimited product uploading in multiple product categories with one-time investment. This selling plan can be used to upload items in All Categories. Goshop promote your products on monthy basis and get 27/7 phone support.
  • Goshop will charged (7-14%) commission fees from sellers on single order after completed 5 free orders. Likewise, Goshop does not charge anything on first 5 orders.


    • Our commission doesn’t start until you start to grow. Our selling plan has no up-front or hidden charges.
    • With “Company Account” get an unlimited access to product uploading. Sell 10,000 or 50,000, at once.
    • Get “Fulfillment by Goshop Pakistan” by informing us prior to shipping date and paying the extra charges.
    • With “Company Account” – sellers can customize shipping rates based on the product being shipped.
    • All sellers should follow our Refund and Replacement Policy and provide better facilities to customers.
    • Want to amp up your brand? Make it renowned by selling products nationwide with all cities included.
    • Get free “Top Product Placement” upon selling the maximum number of products with positive customer feedback.
    • If you are registered as a seller, facing any problem then submit your claim: “Submit Seller Claim Form” As per the new policy, once a complaint is submitted, our partner support center will review the case and will contact you within 5-8 working days regarding the outcome.


Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to us at [email protected]

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